Santa Rosa Xtampak

Campeche - 650 AD to 850 AD

The roads to Santa Rosa Xtampak are not in the best of repair. This makes it more difficult to get to, but it also discourages the crowds. As you make the climb up to the top, you begin to understand that Xtampak built on one of the highest hills of the entire Yucatán peninsula. When you catch a glimpse of the Palacio you realize that the Maya wanted to make it even higher.

The Palacio is perhaps the most intricate of all of the Maya multi story buildings. It has forty rooms and several internal staircases. The grounds also contain residential areas, shrines, a stone serpent, and some pyramids that were built into the hills rather than on top of them. The site was occupied from 650 AD to 850 AD, and based on the number of chultunes, it is estimated that it had a population of 12,000..